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Photo 3 Still_-_1978.jpg

Nate Barlow

A Brief History of Hollywood

Two histories intertwined…the histories of the Hollywood Sign and of the Hollywood industry, visually interwoven.

Nate Barlow graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, but quickly rejected an engineering career to be a filmmaker in Los Angeles. He has since worn many hats in entertainment, from producer to writer, actor, director, and executive. Most recently he directed the experimental documentary "A Brief History of Hollywood," currently playing the festival circuit, and co-produced the feature documentary "The Water of Life" about the craft of scotch whisky. Previously he wrote the Meghan Markle-starrer "Random Encounters" and produced & directed "Tales From Beyond" starring Adam West, which won several awards on the film festival circuit.

USA 2020, 09:30

Photo 1 AllThoseSensationsInMyBelly_still_01.jpg

Marko Djeska

All Those Sensations in My Belly

While transitioning from male to female gender, Matia struggles with finding a genuine intimate relationship with a heterosexual man.

Marko Djeska (1983) is an animation director, scriptwriter and comic book artist. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Department of Animated Film and New Media. His student films Slaughtered and The Son of Satan, as well as his first professional film Ghost City have been awarded at numerous film festivals. Marko is one of the founders of the studio for animated film, Adriatic Animation.

Croatia 2020, 13:19

Photo 3 Frame_NiniosA_02.jpg

Aldana Loiseau

Children from the Andes

Animated video clip in stop motion with mud which tells the story about the Children from the "Llullaillaco Volcano". This volcano is one of the highest in the Andean region. Formerly the children were offered to the mountain in an Inca ritual that established order with the gods of nature. They were extracted from the top of the volcano in an expedition and their tombs desecrated. Today; children are exhibited in a museum in Salta; Argentina. The community from "El Tolar" believes that this desecration is one of the causes of the climate disorders they are suffering.

Aldana Loiseau is a Photographer, Filmmaker, Producer and Animator. She began studying photography at the age of 15 and worked in this field independently. She exhibited her photographs in several countries. She is a Film and Video Director graduated from the CIEVYC Film School. She worked several years in the production of the TV program dedicated to the animation of author “Caloi en su tinta”. At age 22, she decides to live at 3,000 (OSL) meters high in the Andes and moves to Humahuaca, Jujuy. There she develops a task of strong social commitment with an NGO, installs a Fixed and Mobile Cinema Room and provides Film and expression workshops for children and young people developing a personal pedagogical method that mixes different artistic disciplines. She develops all her filmography in the north of the country, where you can see: Videoclips, Documentaries, Animations, TV Shows and her latest productions in stop motion animation with mud.

Argentina 2020, 04:25

Photo 6 ICONO_4_ANNECY_EN.jpg

Marc Faye

Dat's real good?

On 23 February 2005, the radio announced a law project about the benefits of French colonization. This announcement disrupted the daily life of Louise and her family. Her house turns out to be inhabited by strange presences.

Marc Faye spent his childhood in Condat, a small town in the Dordogne whose paper mill employed 500 people. The chimneys of the factory spewed thick white smoke. It smelled like cabbage. There was no cinema in town but the factory made the paper for the Cahiers du cinéma. Every Sunday evening he listened to "Projection privée" on France Culture. That was enough to make him happy to imagine the week's outings. A few years later he felt like making flms.

France 2021, 04:22

Photo 1 CetaitpasduBourgogne2Xbofilms_-_REF.jpg

Mathias de Panafieu

It wasn’t Bourgogne

Between two telephone calls, my grandfather recounts some of his memories from the war when he was twenty years old.

Mathias de Panafieu was born in 1986 in Paris. Passionate about cartoons and animation, he became a student in 2004 at the École des Beaux-Arts in Poitiers on the moving image course. There he met Sonia Gerbeaud who became his artistic partner and girlfriend. In 2013, they produced their first short film, Faded Finery, garnering over 130 nominations in festivals and
some fifteen awards. Mathias and Sonia accompanied their film all around the world and took advantage of indulging their passion for travel and cartoons by producing illustrated travel journals. In 2017, Mathias began to animate a film that he envisioned as an animated sequence shot and planned
to animate completely on his own, based on the memories of his grandfather, Jacques d’Ivernois, of the Second World War. However, he was diagnosed with cancer in 2018 and Mathias had to fight an intense battle against the illness and pursue directing his film that he wanted to finish. Remaining as creative and humorous as ever, Mathias documented this new ‘adventure’ in illustrated short stories that he addresses to his loved ones. With their help, he held out for a year and almost completed his film, but on 1st July 2019 the cancer got the better of him. Together with Sonia, Mathias’ brother and friends rallied together and managed to complete his film at the end of 2020, C’était pas duBourgogne.

France 2021, 06:38

Photo 1 Maalbeek_-_Still_01.jpg

Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis


Survivor but amnesiac of the attack at Maalbeek metro station on 22 March 2016 in Brussels, Sabine is looking for the missing image of an over-mediatised event of which she has no memory.

Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis is developing a "cinématière", a hybrid artistic practice that expands cinema to the field of contemporary art. His work questions technologies, memory, the virtual and explores the porous worlds of the image. His films have been selected and awarded in numerous international festivals (Cannes, Annecy, Clermont-Ferrand, BFI London, IDFA...). In 2020, his film Maalbeek was selected at the Semaine de la Critique - Cannes and received the Bayard for best short film at the Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur, the first prize in the national short film competition at the Bordeaux International Independent Film Festival. Maalbeek is also candidate for the European Film Awards 2021. Born in France in 1988, Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis lives and works between Paris and Brussels.

France 2020, 16:03

Photo 1 fine_cut_v12_sound_mix_2.00_02_57_16.Still007.jpg

John Robert Lee

Not For Money, Not For Love, Not For Nothing

In the underground world of money and sex, this emotionally engaging documentary gives rare insight into the reflective personal struggle of sex workers. Using animation for anonymity, real questions are deliberated by real women, sharing their real stories.

John Robert Lee is the co-founder and director at Zebra Stripe Films. Born in Hampshire in 1992 and passionate about humanity, John went on to gain a degree in Documentary Film and Television from the acclaimed Newport Film School, Wales.

United Kingdom

2020, 14:26

Photo 2 TheChimneySwift2.jpg

John Robert Lee

The Chimney Swift

19th century in Europe. A child climbs up a chimney while a bird sails down into it to build a nest. An encounter with no way back.

A British chimney sweeper describes his everyday routine of forcing young kids to become workers. While we observe a kid cleaning a chimney, the master's statement gets more personal with every sentence until we understand, that he is speaking about his own past.

Frédéric Schuld, designer and art director for advertising agencies, before he studied direction and arts at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. He founded the studio “Fabian&Fred” with Fabian Driehorst in 2011. Frédéric works with a strong focus on animated documentaries. In 2014 he received the Wim Wenders Foundation scholarship with Fabian Driehorst for the development of their first animated feature. Since then he was involved in a variety of experimental, documentary, commercial, 2D, 3D and mixed-media animation production. His award winning short “Carlotta’s Face” is screened in over 200 festivals till today. Frédéric’s first feature as director and co-author “What Happened to the Dog?” won the Gerd Ruge scholarship and is currently in development.

Germany 2020, 05:00

Photo 1 Tigerandox_Still003.jpg

Seunghee Kim

Tiger and Ox

What does divorce mean to women in Korean patriarchal society? Is a fatherless family a failure? In order to find the answer to these questions, a single mother and her daughter start a conversation.

Seunghee Kim, born in 1985, South Korea, has pursued her career as animation filmmaker since 2014. Her first film Mirror in Mind and second film SimSim(The Realm of Deepest Knowing) won awards and screened at numerous international film festivals, such as Florida, Slamdance, Annecy and Dok Leipzig. Both films were featured on Vimeo as a staff-pick after the festival circuits. 
Also, She is an invited artist for Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, France, and Samsung Foundation of Culture supported her residency. 

South Korea

2019, 08:18

We Have One Heart 2.png

Katarzyna Warzecha

We Have One Heart

After his mother dies, Adam comes across some letters exchanged years ago between his Polish mother and his father, a Kurd living in Iraq. This is an opportunity for him to find out more about his father, who he never knew. The juxtaposition of animated drawings and archival material takes us back forty years into the past and enables us not only to feel the emotions linking the lovers living in different parts of the world, but also to uncover an extraordinary family secret.

Born in Gdańsk in 1989, Katarzyna Warzecha graduated from the Krzysztof Kieslowski Film School in Katowice and the Wajda School & Studio in Warsaw. Her graduation film, It’s Really Awesome, was screened at numerous international festivals and won a series of awards. She has worked with directors such as Filip Bajon and Marcin Wrona. She loves good food and has a special fondness for potatoes.

Poland 2020, 11:20

Photo 3 BUNUN_all0285.jpg

Yu Yu

A Promise to the Moon

This is a mythology that belongs to the indigenous people of Taiwan.
Long, long ago,
there were two suns in the sky. Before one could set,
another one would rise
It was a world without night. Bunun Warrior took his bow and arrows with his firstborn son to fight the sun.

Yu Yu is a filmmaker who specializes in Stop Motion Animation, who graduated from the University of Southern California with an MFA in Animation.
She got some working experiences from Netflix, Blizzard and some commercials in LA. At the end of the year 2018, Yu Yu went back to Taiwan and founded her own Shadow Step Studio, continues making more stop motion projects.

Taiwan 2020, 07:00

Photo 1 img-Bach-Hong-300dpi-3.jpg

Elsa Duhamel


Jeanne was born in 1959 in Saigon. She enjoyed a privileged lifestyle, protected from the war between North and South Vietnam. Fascinated by horses, Jeanne rode a mare called Bach-Hông. But on April 30th 1975, the communists stormed the city.

Elsa Duhamel, born in 1988, studied animation first at ESAAT art school in Roubaix, then at EMCA, in Angouleme, where she directed in 2010 her first student film ”Francoise” about a women victim of rape when she was a child. She moved on to La Poudrière, the animation school in Valence, where she directed her graduation film "Pieds verts", about a couple of Algerians who made a Mediterranean garden in the North of France.

France 2019, 18:45


Kim Noce

Cities of Ladies 1 (WE)

"Cities of Ladies" is an immersive poetic animation documentary trilogy created through multi-disciplinary art practices to foster hope, change and promote self-development; through the exploration and recognition of personal views and ideologies.

The trilogy comprises of 3 short films:
Cities of Ladies 1 (WE) Flat Screen
Cities of Ladies 2 (YOU) 360 VR
Cities of Ladies 3 (I) 360 VR

Inspired by “The Book of the City of Ladies” by Christine de Pizan (1364 – c. 1430), the film has been created in two formats: one in traditional flat screen and the other in 360 monoscopic. The film has a total of three versions. One flat screen version and two 360 versions. Each version captures a different stage of the process of thinking, making, watching and feeling the collection of voices, sharing their thoughts about today’s world.

Kim Noce is an Italian artist filmmaker and animator resident in UK. Her work has been screened in major international film festivals, displayed in art galleries, broadcasted in major TV channels, on streaming platforms and won several prizes around the world.

United Kingdom 2020, 05:48

Photo 2 190.jpg

Marcel Barelli

In Nature

In nature, a couple is a male and a female. Well, not always! A couple is also a female and a female. Or a male and a male. You may not know it, but homosexuality isn't just a human story. a film about (Animal) homosexuality... for children!

Marcel Barelli(1985, Lodrino, Switzerland) is an animation filmmaker. Passionate about animals and nature, He develops all his projects around these themes. His short films have been selected in hundreds of international film festivals and won numerous awards around the world. He lives in Geneva with his wife and 2 children.

Switzerland 2021, 05:16

Photo 5 JustAGuy_Still_300dpi_4096x2160_05.jpg

Shoko Hara

Just A Guy

JUST A GUY is an animated documentary short film about love. Three women share glimpses of their affection, attraction and relationship with Richard Ramirez: A serial killer and rapist they contacted after he was convicted.

Shoko Hara is born on June 28, 1988, in Okayama / Japan. At the age of ten, her family moves to Lake Constance in Germany. In 2012, she obtains her Bachelor of Arts in Media Design at the DHBW Ravensburg. Her graduation film „Abita” receives much critical acclaim and is screened at festivals around the world. With her emphasis on analogue and experimental works in graphic design and art, Shoko Hara moves on to study Motion Design at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg between 2012 and 2016. Her diploma project, the animated short film „What they believe“ was awarded as the best student film in Animafest Zagreb 2016. Shoko Hara is currently teaching Motion Graphics at the at the DHBW Ravensburg and works as Freelance Motion Designer and Animation Director for commercials spots and music videos.

Germany 2020, 14:58

Photo 2 manzana_01.jpg

Leandro E. Cerdá

Little Giants: An Apple a Day

The first Cuban athlete to participate in the Olympic Games, in Saint Louis 1904, traveled by boat and on foot from Cuba, almost without any food and wearing his work clothes. Even stopping for a snack and a nap during the race, Andarín got the fourth place in the marathon.

Leandro E. Cerdá discovered cinema when he was 13 years old, as he entered the Cinema School for Kids and Teens "El Mate" in Vicente López, Buenos Aires. Later he continued studying in CIEVYC and wook many film and photography workshops. He took part in more than 20 videoclips and ads for different producing companies. His own filmography includes more than 15 shortfilms and videoclips, as well as a medium-length film. Some of his works have been selected for national and international festivals. He is also involved in film teaching for kids and adults and is currently writting his first feature film.

Argentina 2019, 05:35

Photo 1 Revolykus01.jpg

Victor Orozco Ramirez


Several years ago I immigrated to Germany. Here, I live in a small old house. which urgently needs a modernization and that theoretically, protects me from wind, rain and cold.

Victor Orozco Ramirez, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Hamburg Germany with a master's degree in Fine Arts in the area of documentary filmmaking. He also organized in Ecuador, Germany and Mexico until 2012 the short film festival ambulart.

Germany 2020, 12:12

Poster 50cf0dbeb2-poster.jpg

Margot Reumont

The Musical Ear

What is meant by “Musical Ear”? Does everyone have a musical ear?

Margot Reumont, after studying animation cinema at La Cambre and working as an animator in various productions (series and feature films). Margot Reumont, a young filmmaker living in Brussels, founded the animation studio TABASS Co. with a few other partners. Recently, she is developing her next short film "Câline".

Belgium 2020, 03:11

Photo 3 UtopiaC_02.jpg

Reinhold Bidner

Utopia – C

"Utopia - C" is an experimental animated short film/animated documentary about my personal hometown-observations and thoughts during lockdown in Austria:

On March 4th 2020 by incident I happened to be in my hometown Salzburg/Austria. Then things became weird and "coronoid". So I stayed and on March 15th I decided to shut down/shut up in Salzburg to work on these personal/animated hometown chronicles, that deal with some places I grew up with but also with some of my thoughts and absurd observations between March and June 2020.

Reinhold Bidner was born in Salzburg/Austria. He studied at University for applied sciences and technologies in Salzburg, at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Scotland, Dundee (Animation and Electronic Media) and he finished his studies in Berlin.
Until 2006 he was key researcher at the Ars Electronica Futurelab in Linz in the field of time based Media. Since 2007 he is a freelancer in animation, games and media art, either as an individual or as a member of the art collective gold extra. Currently Reinhold lives in Vienna and Salzburg and teaches at Art University Linz in the fields of animation, motion graphics and interactive video.
He received various prices (for example: Federal Chancellery of Austria´s Outstanding Artist Award with gold extra / Media Art Award Salzburg with gold extra and 1n0ut), grants and residencies (for example: Cité internationale des arts Paris / Budapest Art Residency) for his artistic work, and exhibits nationally and internationally since 2001.
Furthermore, since 2017 Reinhold is a member of Asifa Austria.

Austria 2020, 07:38

Photo 2 Untitled-1.jpg

Khadije Zafary


This movie is about a girl who is interested in cycling, just like some normal girls in the world. But the problem is that she lives in Afghanistan…Cycling is not common for girls there, the way of life and girls interests have been determined for them even before they are born, usually by the men of the family. The film narrates who will help the girl finally, just like some real girls in Bamian, Afghanistan…

Khadije Zafary, born in Daikundi in Afghanistan, interested in painting and illustration since she was a child. She learned the art of animation on her own; by searching on the internet and reading books, participating in online workshops, obtained information in this field. After that, she started working with various Tv channels in the field of motion graphics, illustration and animation. "Who" is her second animation. 

Afghanistan 2020, 08:44

Photo 3 KNIFEMIRROR_0048.jpg

Anna Benner,

Eluned Zoe Aiano

All Her Dying Lovers

ALL HER DYING LOVERS is based on a tale that started out as a rumour from WWII Czechoslovakia and ended up in the international tabloids in 2014.
The story in question involves a nurse, Nazis, seduction and syphilis, but no-one can agree on what really happened. Our film re-investigates this urban legend through interviews with the town’s present day residents, which are used to create an animated portrait of the unknown woman at the heart of it all, who may or may not been a feminist heroine and who may or may not have existed. Through the combination of animation and speculation, the film gives the story back its poetry, while also rooting it in the reality of the woman’s life, as we see her going about her daily activities: getting dressed, making dinner, mending clothes. This juxtaposition between the shocking nature of the events and the banal familiarity of the actions performed on screen play on tropes of femininity and the perceived roles of women, while allowing the audience space to make their own judgments.

Anna Benner is an artist working across animation, drawing and installation. Her work deals with psychology and emotions, often using hand-drawn rotoscope animation. Her animated short films have screened worldwide and won prizes at international film festivals like Annecy, Encounters and Stuttgart Trickfilmfestival.

Eluned Zoe Aiano is a filmmaker, editor and translator with a background in Visual Anthropology whose work is generally centred on Central/Eastern Europe. She is currently working on her first feature documentary in Serbia. She also writes about film and is a regular contributor to the East European Film Bulletin.

Germany 2020, 05:30

08 Beyond_Noh_Still11.jpg

Patrick Smith

Beyond Noh

"Beyond Noh" rhythmically animates 3,475 individual masks from all over the world, beginning with the distinctive masks of the Japanese Noh theater and continuing on a cultural journey through ritual, utility, deviance, and politics.

Patrick Smith is known for his metaphorical hand drawn short films, as well as his experimental stop motion films. His formative years were spent as a storyboard artist for Walt Disney, and animation director for MTV. Smith is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and a fellow of the New York Foundation of the Arts.

USA/Japan 2020, 03:55

Photo 3 Ecorce_Still_03.jpg

Samuel Patthey,

Silvain Monney


In a hidden place, the daily routine of a retirement home unfolds as time seems to stand still. The penciled residents come to life on paper. Some are active, others rest or follow a fixed schedule to be repeated each day: medication, meals, games… Around them, machines are flashing, caregivers are busy and some crucifixes remind them of the death that lies in wait. Time fades away and nearby, stretches a forest.

Samuel Patthey and Silvain Monney were born in 1993. They studied Animation at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) in Switzerland. Both of them directed a few short animation films before the teamed together to direct Peel. They are based in Fribourg, Switzerland, where they work as freelance film animation directors and illustrators.

Switzerland 2020. 15:07

Photo 1 MASTERS_ANIMACIONES_UHD_4K_3840_x_2160.00_01_20_18.Still044.jpg

Magali Rocha Donnadieu, Carolina Corral Paredes

It Rains

Is that how mass graves are like one body on top of the other and nothing else? Through the rain, Oliver sends signals to his mom to help her unearth the truth.

Carolina Corral Paredes

Carolina is a visual anthropologist graduated from the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology at The University of Manchester. She teaches at CIESAS. After a long academic career, Carolina became an independent filmmaker touching mainly on women struggles. All of her work has earnt prizes nationally and internationally. 


Magali Rocha Donnadieu

Film producer graduated from the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, she studied literature in Paris where she dedicated herself to the promotion of Latin American cinema. He has produced several short films with her production company AMATE FILMS, that have participated and been awarded at international festivals.

Mexico 2021, 11:21

image (2).jpg

Sadko Hadzihasanovic

Kids with Guns

Kids playing on playground. Suddenly war came and they are ready to fight.


Sadko Hadzihasanovic was born in 1959 in Bihac, former Yugoslavia. Earned BFA at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, Bosnia(1982), end MFA at the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia (1984). Sadko emigrated to Canada in 1993 during the civil war in the Balkans. He was a Founding Member of avantgarde visual group Zvono in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia (1982-1992).

Upon arrival to Canada Sadko continued his carrier and since exhibited across Canada and abroad. He is a member of Open Studio, Toronto. He is represented by Paul Petro Contemporary Art In Toronto.

Canada 2020, 02:59

Photo 3 img-Folie_douce_Folie_dure-1-300dpi.jpg

Marine Laclotte

Mild Madness, Lasting Lunacy

This walk in the daily life of several psychiatric institutions, allows us to meet extraordinary people who let us enter their privacy.

Marine Laclotte studied Animation in France, first at the ESAAT in Roubaix and then at the EMCA in Angouleme were she followed a course of Documentary Animation and graduated in 2014. She then made the film “Papier buvard”, one episode of the short film serie “En sortant de l’école” dedicated to the poet Robert Desnos.

France 2020, 18:16

Souvenir Souvenir.jpg

Bastien Dubois

Souvenir Souvenir

For ten years, I've pretended to make a movie out of my grandfather's - Algerian war souvenirs. Today, I’m not sure I
want to hear what he has to say.

Bastien Dubois, born in 1983 in Lille (France), Bastien Dubois earned his diploma in CGI Directing from Supinfocom
Valenciennes with his graduation short "AH" in 2006. Bastien is a keen traveler, it was after he hitchhiked
from the north of France to Istanbul that he had the idea of making an animated travel log. His first
independent film “Madagascar, a Journey Diary” was based on a one-year trip to the big red island. This film
was very well received and screened in more than 200 international film festivals including Sundance. The
film ultimately garnered an Oscar nomination in 2011.
In 2012 he directed a TV program based on “Madagascar, a Journey Diary” called “Faces From Places” a series of 20 animated 3-minute travelogue films featuring various countries around the world. In 2013 Bastien released, “Cargo Cult” an animated short film which is set in Papua New Guinea during the second world war.

France 2020, 15:10

Photo 3 Untitled_1.1.8.jpg

Jeroen Van der Stock

The Execution

When the state of Georgia proceeds with the court-ordered execution of Ivon Ray Stanley, a correctional officer provides a step-by-step account of his death.

Jeroen Van der Stock (°1979) is a Belgian-born filmmaker who earned his Masters in Audiovisual Arts from the Luca School of Arts in Brussels. In his work he often explores ideas around rejection, dysfunctionality and abandonment. Van der Stock his video works have been screened at film festivals including Rotterdam, Oberhausen, RIDM, Rencontres Internationales, CPH:DOX and Jeonju and institutions such as Bozar Centre for Fine Arts Brussels and Weltmuseum Wien. His short film Night Horse won the Grand Prize at the Image Forum Festival and was nominated for the Found Footage Award at IFFR 2019. Van der Stock is currently living and working in Kanagawa, Japan.

Japan 2019, 14:30

Photo 1 Maji-frame_1.jpg

Cesar Diaz Melendez


The water journey and our problems with it. A sand animation film.

Cesar Diaz started in 1994 as 2D animator in Madrid, Spain, working on cartoon series for TV, and now he is specialized in sand and Stop motion animation, making his own short film projects and working on Feature films for:
-Isle of Dogs- Wes Anderson
-Ma vie de Courgette- Claude Barras
-Anomalisa- Charlie Kaufman
-ParaNorman- Laika
-Frankenweenie- Tim Burton

Spain 2020, 01:29

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